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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. it's a busy friday night here on fox 5. for the first time we're hearing from a d.c. security guard who took down a gunman at the headquarters of a conservative lobbying group. >> plus the local newspaper, their stands targeted with disgusting acts of violence. >> and trouble brewing on
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capitol hill that could directly affect hubs of thousands of federal work -- hundreds of thousands of federal workers. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm will thomas. security guards honored for risking their lives to take down a gunman. you may remember one of them, this man here, leo johnson, the security guard was shot by a man last month at the family research council in d.c. >> tonight lawmakers put the spotlight on johnson at the value voters summit. fox 5's maureen umeh with the story. >> certainly a big night for leo johnson who said he was just doing his job nearly one month ago. johnson's struggle with the gunman likely prevented more bloodshed, but johnson was not the only hero honored the values voters summit tonight. two other men played vital roles the day of the shooting. charles foster was with johnson when floyd lee corkins entered the council.
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the third man honored is officer rein burton, one of the first -- randy burton, but first officers to respond to foster's call. tonight the 3 men received a standing ovation from hundreds of lawmakers in the audience as they send their awards. we spoke to -- accepted their awards. we spoke to leo johnson afterwards. >> it really made me feel good. i'm not real comfortable with the whole hero thing, but again i understand how big this was and i can live with it for a little while. >> johnson was shot in the arm as you saw the slipping there during last month's scuffle. he says he's healing well and will find out if he needs another surgery in a few weeks on his arm. 28-year-old floyd lee corkins of herndon pled not guilty to charges that he opened fire inside the frc. he is ordered to be held in jail until his october court date. new this evening disgusting acts of vandalism in the district. someone has been throwing trash
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along with human and animal waste inside magazine boxes meant for a well known d.c. gay publication. the publisher is wondering whether it's motivated by home phone gentleman. fox 5's matt ackland with the story. >> the publisher of metro weekly says someone is opening up the magazine boxes, taking them out and tossing them into a nearby trash can. then the person replaces the magazine with rotting food and what is believed to be human and animal waste. the picks -- pictures tell the story. here's what we can show you on tv after the vandalism of several weekly boxes. it's been happening for months in areas where there's a large population of gays and lesbians, dupont and logan circles. this stretch of 17th street has been hit numerous times. >> personally it makes me disgusted. >> reporter: shawn bugg is
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copublisher and believes that this nays act is motivated by -- nasty act is motivated by hate. >> i consider this a hate crime in a lot of ways, but it's not a hate crime that's directed at me or the magazine. it's a hate crime directed at the readers. >> repoweekly staff members had the awful job of cleaning up the mess. that usually comes after readers make the disgusting discovery. at this point metro weekly isn't sure who is responsible, but a member of the staff did catch one person on video. >> he has footage of one person who has been pulling magazines out of boxes and throwing them away. we have provided that to the police. >> d.c. police have been notified and metro weekly is asking people to keep a close eye out for anyone who appears to be taking the magazines out of the boxes and tossing other items inside. another big story tonight, government agencies and defense contractors are bracing for the
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worst if and i say if lawmakers can't stop the automatic spending cuts from taking effect in january. the cuts known as sequester would cut more than $1 trillion from the budget. today the white house revealed where that axe would fall. fox 5's audrey barnes is here now and if these cuts happen, we're talking potentially about a lot of jobs, aren't we? >> a lot of jobs for sure. for example, 8% cuts in nia's cancer researchers, 8% cuts for air traffic controllers, border security and even the fbi. if lawmakers can't reach a compromise, they'll all take effect january 3rd. the white house says half the cuts will come from domestic programs and half from defense spending. the ranking member of the house budget committee congressman chris van hollen of maryland says there's a lot at stake. >> it would be devastating to the economy and hurt very important investments like the
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national institutes of health and the research going on there, air traffic controllers. all the ongoing functions of government would see a buzzsaw cut. >> reporter: the sequester cuts were triggered after the supercommittee failed to reach a budget deal. they'll take effect january 3rd unless congress enacts legislation to replace them. >> you have to raise taxes and cut spending. >> the two sides seem miles apart. no one expects a deal to go through before the election. >> so our view is we have should follow the approach that bipartisan groups have recommended, which is a mix of cuts, but also eliminating some of these special interest tax breaks. >> and while the two sides try to hammer out an agreement, others are breathing a sigh of relief because of some major exemptions for veterans benefit and the salaries of military personnel. >> you certainly don't want people serving overseas to suddenly see their pay cut for no apparent reason. the president will exempt those military personnel accounts. nt >> while no one expects a deal
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before the november election, analysts and many experts do think a compromise will be reached before the january 3rd drop dead date. >> audrey barnes tonight. following a developing story overseas where two u.s. marines are degrees, several other troops wounded -- are dead, several other troops wounded after a british air base was attacked. it's not clear if the attack was hinged to the protests across the muslim world. it's been a day of violence across the middle east, anti- american protesters outraged over the film continue to riot at u.s. embassies in tunisia, sudan and egypt. this was cairo earlier this evening as egyptian peacekeepers tried to keep a large crowd under control. meanwhile a somber day in the united states as the bodies of the four american diplomats killed in libya returned to american soil this afternoon. fox's greg talcott has the
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latest. >> reporter: president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton on hand when the bodies of four u.s. diplomatic officials are returned to the u.s. the remains of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans killed in an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, arriving at andrews air force base in maryland. u.s. officials are investigating whether the assault was a terrorist attack that seized to the presses in the arab world over an anti- muslim video. >> chris stevens was everything america could want in an ambassador, as the whole country has come to see. >> reporter: a radical islamic group is the leading suspect in the attacks. at least four people have been taken into custody in connection with the attacks. top libyan officials believe the attack on the u.s. embassy was premeditated and highly organized. >> this was a deliberate and preplanned attack in every sense of the word. >> reporter: demonstrationed sparked by the anti-islamic film said to denigrate the prophet muhammad spreading to
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nearly 20 countries and the west bank, among them yemen, afghanistan, great grain and india. security force -- great britain and india. security forces opening fire in libya killing at least one person. egyptian officials clashing with the groups in cairo. israeli officials say about 400 people clashed with police near the u.s. consulate in east jerusalem. meanwhile an elite marine rapid response team has been sent to the capital of yemen in response to violence there. a similar team has been sent to libya. judgment day for a fairfax county man described by his victims as a monster. prosecutors say he would brag and flash his money while pimping out high school girls. today it was a much different story. >> weekend is here. we have some showers showing up on the radar now, but i don't think they'll affect our weekend. how good is it going to be? the full forecast is coming up.
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>> it's last call for a northeast d.c. landmark. ahead on the news edge patrons remember the good times, the bad including a triple murder inside the restaurant. 
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type offers and students in prince george's county are -- teachers and students in prince george's county are mourning the loss of a beloved student. marckel ross was murdered on the way to school earlier this week. there has been no arrest. his school family is coming together. >> reporter: it took a lot of tissues for students at central high school to work their way through an assembly today. they were honoring 11th grader marckel ross. instead he was one of the first shot and killed on his way to school a little before 7:00 tuesday morning. >> when i considered my
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friendship, he knew who he was and he knew where he was going. >> reporter: english teacher patricia bradford said she'll think of him every time she hears a particular poem. [ inaudible ] >> he made everyone else smile. occasionally he would play in the band. >> reporter: the principal urged students to keep their focus. >> think about the times that you had together and you have an obligation to live your life to make a positive impact. >> reporter: back outside on the football field they
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released balloons in one of marckel's favorite colors. marckel's mother was amazed. >> i'm very, very surprised, very, very prized. i know that he had a lot of people that loved him, but i didn't think of all this and i couldn't even ask for this. >> he was very loving. i don't see why this would lap to him. >> reporter: marckel ross' funeral is scheduled for thursday. if today is any indication, there will be quite a crowd. in prince george's county, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> prince george's county police are hoping the community will help them catch a killer. today they passed out flyers about the murder of 17-year-old amber stanley. the honor roll student was shot and killed during a home invasion in kettering last month. police hope someone will help them have a break in the case. >> it shows the community that we need their help. many of our cases are closed with the help of our community partners or business partners. we can't do this by ourselves or this is a case that has
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touched many of us very closely, very deeply and our goal is to not only ensure the safety of the community, but to bring peace to this family. >> if you have any information related to amber stanley's murder, call prince george's county police. you can remain anonymous. an emotional day at a fairfax county courtroom as a man learned his fate after admitting he led a teen sex trafficking ring six years. victims of the teen-age prostitution ring attended the hearing including some of the parents who pleaded with the federal judge to send the ringleader to prison for life. fox 5's bob barnard was in the courtroom as well. >> reporter: in this picture he's smirking flashing some of the proceeds from his prostitution enterprise, but in court today justin strom was sobbing, the 27-year-old sentenced to 40 years in prison, a leader of the underground gangster crips strom already pleading guilty to recruiting at least eight teenage girls over the past six years at metro stations, high
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schools and over the internet and forcing them into lives of prostitution turning tricks in places like apartment communities in boston. >> mr. strom engaged in flattery, fraud, force, coercion, physical and sexual assault to recruit and maintain young girls in his child prostitution ring. >> reporter: through tears in federal court in alexandria today one of strom's victims testified she feels broken and worthless, called strom a con artist, monster and manipulator and that she was brainwashed into believing having sex with men for money was normal. one victim's mother says strom's evil nature put our entire family through hell on earth. another's father said strom and his gang of thugs crushed the sanctity of my family and this community. >> one of the victims described in the court papers about how she got into this because she
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was from a modest home. she didn't have a lot of money and she wanted to make a little extra money to have nicer clothes, nicer lipstick, nicer school tools. she was hoping to be more popular in high school. >> reporter: in front of the judge strom broke down, through sobs said i'm sorry for the things i've done. this is not the person i wanted to be. i deserve to be punished. >> you have individuals here who truly are monsters and that's how it was described in the court proceedings. i think that's an apt description. these people are cowards who prey on children. >> one of justin strom's co- defendants was also sentenced today and got 10 years. others who pled guilty in the teen sex trafficking conspiracy are already serving prison sentences. i'm bob barnard, fox 5 news. a man charged with trying to bomb the u.s. capitol building will spend the next three decades behind bars. a judge sentenced 29-year-old
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amine el khalifi to 30 years in prison. federal agents fooled el khalifi into thinking he was wearing a vest filled with explosives and arrested him as he tried to carry out his plan. news about abortion clinics in virginia, earlier today the virginia board of health approved new and stricter regulations for the clinics. they must now meet the same building standards as hospitals which opponents say could put them out of business. dr. laura meyers is the ceo of planned parenthood and joined us on fox 5 at 5:00 and says women in the commonwealth will be hurt by the board's decision. >> it's a very disappointing day for planned parenthood and for the medical community as politics have come before women's health and politics should never interfere with women's health. >> the board voted 13-2 to pass the regulations including a provision that requires nearly two dozen existing abortion clinics to meet the same building standards as new hospitals.
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developing in chicago tonight, the teachers strike could be over. ing in thors say a tent -- negotiators say a tentative deal has been reached and they have the framework that could end the walkout for students to return to class monday. union delegates still have to vote formally to end the strike. students have been kept out of the classroom five days now. american university says there will not be new breastfeeding policies following a controversy over a professor who breast fed her baby during class. the university doesn't have a specific policy governing breastfeeding but says it does follow federal and d.c. guidelines. in a statement the university says, "it supports faculty and staff as they face challenges of work life balance and provides reasonable breaks and areas for nursing needs." redskins getting ready to head west to st. louis. up next the rams talk about trying to slow down robert griffin, iii plus will a key player be sidelined sunday? 
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redskins wrapped up their week of practice today. we'll head for st. louis tomorrow, their third straight season playing in st. louis, but will their top wideout be out? >> not looking good right now for pierre garcon. it looked like he got tripped up at the end of his 88-yard touchdown. there's no structural damage, just pain tolerance thing. he is considered questionable and also a game time decision. that's going to be a big loss for rg3 because he's been his top target throughout the preseason. the redskins and the rams played each other the past four seasons. this will be the fifth straight season, 2-2 in the series. that was before the robert griffin, iii era began.
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while the skins offense is looking to keep the momentum going the rams are hoping they can slow griffin and the game down. >> his debut in the opener as a rookie statistically is historic. they said you got to go back to 1950 to see that kind of execution. he did a great job. he managed offense well, extended plays, made throws and clearly caught the saints a little off guard. >> i think it's important for our defense that we rally to the ball. you have 11 guys screaming to the ball because you never know with his athleticism who he'll make miss and cut back. you'll need to rally the trueness to swarm mentality to kind of -- troops to swarm mentality to kind of contain him. >> mike shanahan said rg3 keeps teams off balance because you don't know if he's going to run or throw the ball. >> he's versatile.
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still coming your way tonight on the 10:00 why metro says a new program has not caught on yet with the public. >> plus he preyed on desperate homeowners and left them high and dry. how investigators took the scam artist and his partner down coming your way next. >> and you know what? if you see a story you think we should look into, let us know. call 202-895-3000 or send your news tip to brian and i are coming right back. [ male announcer ] this is america's manufacturing
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when president obama took office. this is china's. under obama, we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs and for the first time, china's beating us. seven times obama could've stopped china's cheating. seven times he refused. it's time to stand up to the cheaters, and make sure we protect jobs for the american people. [ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to stop cheating. failing american workers. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a maryland man sentenced to seven years in jail after being convicted of scamming nearly a dozen people who thought they were saving their homes from foreclosure of it's estimated he took about $5,000 from each victim. fox 5's john henrehan gives us
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a closer look as the scammer was sentenced. >> reporter: the state's torn for montgomery county -- attorney for montgomery county says 11 different individuals lost money and in some cases lost their homes and businesses because of the dealings of carlos sanchez and franco villa toro. >> i think by its design it targeted individuals with the thought the people he was targeting would never report their crimes or bring to the attention of the authorities the fact they had been scammed of their moneys. >> reporter: former radio executive joe molina was talked into giving the pair $6,000 in so-called commitment money for them to arrange a large business loan. >> he promised me he was going to get me a loan of $1 million to purchase a radio station, a frommer. >> reporter: the loan never came through. after an investigation was begun franco villatoro began cooperating with authorities.
10:31 pm
he pleaded guilty, served a short sentence and is being deported to his native country el salvador. sanchez's defense attorney ridiculed the scheme pointing out his client's name never appeared on loan documents on which the word financial is misspelled. some business meetings for the lobes were conducted in a lawn -- lobes were conducted in a lawn -- loans were conducted in a laundromat in gaithersburg. friends were too quick to believe the co-conspirator. >> they got the wrong guy and knew it from day one because the guy who did it is not in this country. >> reporter: but four different victims identified carlos sanchez during the trial as one of the two men who asked for large sums of money and delivered nothing. prosecutors say two victims lost their homes because of the swindle. the circuit judge gave carlos sanchez a seven year prison term, a $15,000 fine and ordered the man to pay $48,000 in restitution to the victims.
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prosecutors publicly called on immigrants when they are swindled to come forward to authorities and while doing so they said do not worry about your citizen ship status. john henrehan, fox 5 news. a maryland house of delegates accused of theft and misconduct, a deal reportedly worked out. prosecutor davis says a verbal agreement was reached with prince george's county delegate tiffany allsten convicted of using state money to pay a worker in her private law firm and now she's accused of using campaign funds to pay for her wedding. allsten is expected to enter a guilty plea next week. classes were disrupted at two universities and 1 college today of bomb threats. thousands of students were evacuated from university of texas at austin, north dakota state university and at hiram college in northeastern ohio. police searched buildings on campus. by late afternoon the university of texas, north dakota state were reopened, but
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the evacuation in ohio remained in effect this evening. we are learning more details about a shooting this week at morgan state university. a gunman walked onto the campus wednesday, shot a 19-year-old inside the student center. the victim was visiting a relative who is a member of the university football team. the victim was shot in the stomach, is recovering. police believe the two men knew each other but it's unclear what sparked the shooting. the gunman is on the loose. police in new york city arrested a man accused of raping an elderly woman in central park. the man seen in the surveillance footage david albert mitchell attacked a 73- year-old woman who was bird watching in the park. the attack happened wednesday just before noon time. >> it's shocking. i can't imagine there wasn't anyone here. they just didn't notice, i guess. i don't know. it's appal. >> sexual violence is simp -- appalling. >> sexual violence is simply unacceptable and we are going to make sure we are all empowered to keep ourself and our city safe. >> turns out it does not stop
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with this safe. investigators say mitchell is a person of interest in a 2002 killing of a woman in west virginia, but there was never enough information or probable cause to make an arrest in that case. here's the video that will have you talking all night, caught on camera in california turned an apple store into a drive-thru. the surveillance footage shows the suspects getting in the car, crashing through the front of the store in temecula in southern california. you can see the guys jump out and grab everything they can right off the floor, ipads, iphones, put just as the robbers get -- but just as the robbers get in the store security gate comes down trapping them inside. the driver got out but was later arrested. monitoring metro now, supposed to relieve congestion in nearly two dozen crowded metro stations, but the transit agency admits it's rush plus
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program isn't doing the job. officials say the problem is the blue line. not enough riders are switching to the yellow line. riders heading out of metro this weekend will run into delays. all the lines are affected except the yellow line. the work begins at 10:00 this evening and runs through sunday night. details are on our website click on web links. a woman traveling cross- country discovered her sat stowed away inside her suitcase, no joke. the question tonight is how did the cat get past airport security? >> and later bruce springsteen, the boss, rocking out to a soldout crowd at nats park. apple's new iphone selling out friday and forced to push back its shipping date for some
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buyers. shares of appear hit another all time -- apple hit another all time high on friday. higher gas prices driving up the cost of just about everything these days, consumer prices shooting up in august by the biggest appear we've seen in three years. meanwhile the company that brings you maxwell house coffee is getting dropped for a company that brings you health insurance. united health will replace kraft on the dow later this month. the dow tracks the performance of 30 companies considered to be representative of american business. the dow ended the week at levs we haven't seen since -- levels we haven't seen since december, 2007. after 41 years disney is inviting alcohol to the magic kingdom. beer and wine will be on the menu at the new be our guest restaurant. the restaurant is scheduled to open in november. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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 >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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the tent is up in dulles. sky fox was up as the gold and white tent was erected. this year the big apple circus is celebrating its 35th anniversary. the circus runs support 20th through october 8th. an ohio woman headed to disney world had a surprise when she opened her suitcase of her cat came along for the trip. the feline somehowgot into ethel mayes' lug age and went undetected -- luggage and went undetected through airport security. officials say they pass all luggage through an automated explosive system. they say no one looks at what's on the screen unless the
10:41 pm
automated service tells them to do so. >> i'm still half asleep and see the bag moving a little bit thinking my eyes are playing tricks on me. >> my daughter said my face, she knew something was wrong because i thought we had a dead cat in the suitcase. >> ethel had a little company. bob bob ended up trapped in the luggage more than 10 hours. ethel says she bought herself a little kitty carry-on to take on the plane when she flies home with bob bob. tonight at 11:00 a royal invasion of privacy, the royal family furious after a magazine posts topless photos of kate middleton, how they're trying to stop the scandal. >> plus just made it very comfortable and people felt good coming into it. >> a popular d.c. watering hole closes after three decades, bittersweet ending for a place with a lot of happy memories and one very dark day in its history.
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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♪here i am down in kingstown again ♪ >> the boss is back in town and on the baseball diamond. bruce springsteen and the e street band are rocking out right now at nats park. tonight's soldout concert is part of their wrecking ball world tour and it's getting rave reviews. the rolling stones call it an epic performance and the new york times saying the show seek blows sieve. -- is explosive. if you are a springsteen fan, no doubt you'd be thrilled to meet him. fox 5's paul wagner set off this morning to see if he could actually meet the boss before the concert. take a look at what happened. >> reporter: if you're trying to find a superstar celebrity like bruce in washington, where do you go? of course, , amy argot with the washington post. >> it's going to be hard to
10:46 pm
find him. he stays at places where people can't get at him. >> reporter: great idea. we're here at mandarin oriental a couple blocks from nats park. it's just a hunch we think maybe bruce is staying here. let's see if anybody can help us out. hi. we think this guy might be staying in the hotel. have you seen him, by any chance? >> month. >> reporter: he's in town for a concert tonight. i am trying to find him. i just want to shake his hand and say hi. >> we think he might be here and i figured jersey plates. maybe you knew. you haven't seen him around, have you? >> i haven't. >> reporter: let me know if you do. man, this ain't working. i need sources. who would know where i could fine bruce? find bruce? i know. let's call surf. hey, surf, it's paul wagner with channel 5. hey, i know you know bruce really well. i'm trying to find him today. i just want to shake his hand, say hi to him. i'm a jersey boy. i've never met him.
10:47 pm
any ideas where i might be able to find him? >> he should be hanging out at bethesda at the original who studios where he's a guest on my show. >> reporter: i think surf was feeling a little nostalgic, so off to nats park we go. look at that. he's with the band. if i wait here, can you give me a tip where i might be able to see him come in? >> very no idea. >> reporter: something in my gut told me if i listened to that tour guy, i was going to be a loser. so we're heading over to lot a. you have some inside information we're in the right place? >> i do. i've been told bruce is supposed to come in here hopefully around 4:30. >> reporter: is bruce with you? >> wonderful to be in washington. i can tell you that. >> reporter: how you doing, man? >> did you notice that was max weinberg, the drummer. >> i don't know him from the e street band. i know him from the conan show. >> he office late night. >> i think paul is -- he was on late night. >> i think paul is at the concert.
10:48 pm
i tried to call and no answer, but did you notice, sunglasses no, jacket? >> going to be a good weekend, too. it looks like this frontal system coming through tonight will come through dry. that's always nice. if i would have thought about it, we could have zoomed that camera in and almost seen into nats park. they're still out there. here's what's going on in terms of temperature right now at the three airports around the area. reagan national has cooled off to the lower 70s, dulles in the upper 60s and bwi marshall right around 70 degrees. frederick down to 63, baltimore 70 degrees, annapolis 75 and closer to the bay for leonardtown they're sitting at 68 degrees. this cold front arrives and kind of sweeps through overnight tonight, all indications that we have no real threat for some showers. we'll look out there in a second on radar to see if anything is popping up in our neighborhood. looks like it's going to be a
10:49 pm
really nice weekend for us. next week the next chance for rain and it looks like going into monday and tuesday we have a threat for some pretty decent rain. a little rain would not be a bad thing. saturday 78 for a high. we may have a couple clouds around early in the morning, but otherwise i'm thinking lots of sunshine. only problem with tomorrow, it's not a big deal but a little breezy, winds out of the northwest 10 to 20, an occasional gust tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. a little bit warmer sunday and we're talking about the possibility of a few late day clouds coming in sunday, but i don't think it will do much and i don't think it's a problem. here we are, clear skies for now, but this frontal system is moving on in. the front is into western sections of pennsylvania right now. you obviously can see the showers out ahead of it and real light stuff coming down across 70 back out to the west
10:50 pm
of us. tell you what we'll do. we'll use sentinel radar here, look back out to the northwest now and see if there's anything flying around. i've seen this echo the last 15 minutes or so out along 81 close to martinsburg, but still it's no big deal. it's just a sprinkle, if that, and a couple more trying to come out of western and southwestern sections of pennsylvania. the only thing we're talking about with this front moving through is the possibility and it's a very slight possibility that we may get a sprinkle or two overnight tonight out of it. this is futurecast right now at 11:00. seeing a little bit of light rain shower back out to the northwest of us. it's going to bring it through completely dry, sunshine to start for about everybody tomorrow through the day as well. so it looks real good. as we take you into sunday the only thing to see, a couple clouds come up from the spout and it does look like the -- south and it does look like the next chance of rain will be monday. look how it brings showers up by monday and monday afternoon.
10:51 pm
this is slowing down just a little bit. earlier it was bringing in showers by early in the day monday, might be keeping this heavy slug of rain farther southwest a little bit longer, but certainly by monday night into tuesday we'll probably have pretty good rain around here. 64 in town, cooler in the suburbs, some clouds, yes, a possibility of a spotty sprinkle, winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. mostly sunshine tomorrow, a little breezy, winds out of the north, northwest with the front 10 to 20 miles per hour and in terms of tomorrow again we start off with maybe a cloud or two. we'll be up into the lower 70s at noon time topping out tomorrow only in the upper 70s. some of you will only be up in the mid-70s tomorrow. 79, a little warmer sunday, good chance of rain going into monday and tuesday which we need, by the way, and then middle part of next week we dry out and temperatures just stay in the 70s. >> you know what's going on all
10:52 pm
this weekend, right, because of all that rain that's coming? this is harvest time for all the vineyards down in virginia, maryland, mad dash this weekend to get all the grapes off the vines before monday. >> hopefully on monday the rain will hold off a bit. maybe they can have someone monday morning finish that. >> thank you, gary. from the deadly attack on the u.s. embassy in libya to the presidential race, it's been a busy week. earlier today shawn yancy talked about it with fox news sunday host chris wallace. >> we'll be all over the middle east situation with a live report, the latest from the region sunday morning. we'll talk to a top administration official about the situation there and also hear from the chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, who has been getting all the latest intelligence. one of the big questions, was the attack in libya part of all these demonstrations and protests against this movie that insults the prophet muhammad or was it, in fact, a group, a cell linked in some way to al-qaeda and a
10:53 pm
preplanned attack on the anniversary of snies? we'll have all of it sunday -- of 9/11? we'll have all of it sunday. >> what about the fallout of people being very credit craft way mitt romney responded. -- critical of the way mitt romney responded. now we're seeing john mccain coming out saying the way president obama has handled things in that region as weak. >> there's been so much talk for so many months that the economy is the only issue, but it isn't the only issue the president faces. we still have 60, 70,000 men and women in arms in afghanistan. we obviously face threats from mortal enemies in the middle east. so in addition to being head of the americas the president is commander in chief and i think -- head of the administration the president is commander in chief. i think you'll see the bats drawn and particularly if you -- battle drawn and fibbingly
10:54 pm
if you continue to see -- particularly if you continue to see the disorder in the middle east, it will be a big question. >> i know you're a big redskin fan. any comment on the debut of rg3? >> just one word, wow. look, i've been a redskin fan. i moved too town in 1970 -- to town in 1978, what, 34 years. you don't want to drink the kool-aid and get on the bandwagon too quickly, but the super bowl is in new orleans this year, right? >> i don't know. who cares as long as the redskins are there and maybe rg3 is still throwing. >> maybe? of course he'll be throwing. i don't know. it was just so exciting to see. i'm sure he'll have ups and downs, but first time out rookie and he was so in control. >> yeah, he was, very poised. we also understand you were very in control recently. what game show were you on again, jeopardy? >> what do you mean what game show? yes, jeopardy. it actually was a repeat. it ran first in may.
10:55 pm
the only reason we're talking about it is i won. >> woo-hoo. we love the sound of that. congratulations. we'll see you for fox news sunday right here sunday after fox 5 fox 5 news. thank you. >> that's impressive. jeopardy is not easy. coming up next is the iphone 5 worth the upgrade or just all hype? tech experts give us their facts as we continue. heavy load i in america. but mit romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
the i phone 5 has techies and apple lovers buzzing, but is all the hype worth ditching your current phone? fox's brenda buttner looks at this week's shoppers market. >> a much longer battery life, bigger screen and it can download up to 100 megabits per second, but is it worth getting rid of your current mobile device or is it hype?
10:59 pm
>> largely it's incremental updates, but all the people i've spoken to so far have said they love it. >> i held it in the palm of my hand and it is worth every ounce of the hype. >> reporter: iphone slimming down. apple says it's the world's thinnest smartphone, 18% thinner than the iphone 4s. >> it fits right there and my thumb is in perfect access for my thumb to slide between the pages. >> reporter: it may be thinner and lighter, but what about all the new bells and whistles? >> if you want to use it for a phone and only a phone, you might want something else. if you want to use it for a camera, music player, video and video games, worth every penny. >> it's the same price as the earlier models, but you get a bigger screen, bigger battery. >> reporter: some consumers aren't happy with a new plug that won't work with older iphones or apple products. >> it will come with a flying and a $30 adapter. they needed the space on

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